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Thanks to the style and high-quality design, high power and new technologies and the prestige of ownership, the car has become popular not only in the West, but also in our country, even high prices did not prevent it. The most popular is the Jaguar XF, a business-class sports sedan. But due to frequent and hard use, these cars often break down and need frequent inspection.

Causes of Failure

To get professional service, you need to contact the service. To do this, it is necessary to inspect the car and check its parts, problems in the body or at the doors. In these places, the mount may loosen or the lock may disperse, which need to be changed or tightened, just an adjustable wrench may suffice.

Car Service Center


Almost all Jaguar models are designed for constant and intensive use, so it is recommended to disassemble the engine in a technical center.

Automatic Transmission

Most of the line-up comes with an automatic transmission, which makes it easier to drive but requires more fuel and maintenance. It needs to be cleaned from time to time, and once every 2-3 years it is generally better to change it. Reduced compression, clogged diesel particulate filter, cylinder failure. These problems are solved in the center, a separate stand is provided for this. Quality service is necessary at least once a year, and inspections even more often


The price of the auto repair center service depends on the type of damage. On average, this is about 3.5-5 thousand, but sometimes it reaches 50 thousand, for example, when changing entire blocks of parts. In Bangalore, jaguars sold best, and our service will repair this car with high quality. If you drive a sports jaguar or use another car of this brand quite often, then be sure to arrange a disassembly and inspection at least once a year. Otherwise, the risk of an accident increases many times, and it will cost you much more. Jaguar in a car service in Bangalore Tserv – the best value for money in Bangalore! Come to us by appointment and get an additional 5% discount on all works!

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