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As the Indian automobile market is witnessing rapid changes in customer ownership and service behavior patterns, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has partnered with multi-brand service outlets to launch the T-Serv service outlet concept in Bangalore in 2021.

The T-Serv brand established exclusively in India under Toyota’s philosophy of ‘Customer for Life’, is aimed at customers who have switched to multi-brand workshops.

The shift to multi-brand workshops is attributed to increased car usage and subsequent ownership change. The T-Serv outlets will offer quality and transparent car servicing to Toyota customers who have moved to multi-brand workshops.

These service outlets are well equipped with state of art facility, tools & equipment where customers can avail periodic maintenance, general repairs services along with body and paint repair work.

T-Serv service outlets will ensure quality workmanship and convenience to customers as it will have benefit of TKM’s experience in car servicing, parts supply & Toyota Trained Technicians.

Further, TKM will render support to these service outlets:

  1. Supply of genuine spare parts from Toyota
  2. Upgrading the T-Serv staff’s technical skills through training
  3. Exclusive T-Serv customer app for digital convenience.(available for both Android and iOS devices.)
  4. Exclusive Do-It-Yourself accessories line up and car care products for customers

Press Release Link to Toyota Bharat: Toyota Kirloskar Motor Introduces T-Serv Pilot Project in Bangalore in Partnership with Multi-Brand Workshops

Good question. To top up the multiple, cost-effective car services we provide, T-Serv also believes in providing intangible bonuses like trust and quality. All T-Serv workshops are equipped with Toyota Trained Technicians who know their game and Toyota genuine parts for your hardware needs.

T-Serv provides an array of car services that include periodic maintenance, body and paint works, general repairs, car cleaning, electric and wiring, and many others. Visit the homepage or download our T-Serv app for the complete list of services we provide.

T-Serv workshops are provided with two unique assets. They are supplied with genuine Toyota parts from Toyota warehouses. They also have Toyota Trained Technicians who are highly skilled in attending to all of your questions and concerns.

Well, that’s easy. Download our exclusive T-Serv customer interface app available for download for Android and iOS devices. You can choose your preferred workshop and select the service you need. You can also opt for free pickup and drop-off of your vehicle. Paperless convenience at your service!

Yes, we do! And they’re free!

Yes, T-Serv workshops are available in other cities too and it’s only a matter of time till you see us operating in cities across India. So keep following us for updates.

You can avail body and paint insurance services from the T-Serv outlets.

Simple. Download our app from Play Store or App Store and you’re good to go. All the details and all the services are available on the app. So you can book your services on the go.

Of course! All T-Serv outlets are completely equipped to handle general repairs for your car. And this extends to cars of all makes and models.

Sure, you can. The services T-Serv outlets provide is not confined to repairs and maintenance. We take care of your car’s general checkup requirements also.

Yes, you can. T-Serv outlets are armed with skilled technicians who are Toyota Trained Technicians. They are highly skilled in providing custom services for your car.

Second-hand cars often run the risk of having a few loose wires because of wear and tear. Rough drives and accidents can also cause loose wiring in your cars. T-Serv provides exclusive electric and wiring services at its outlets.

Most definitely! All T-Serv outlets provide car cleaning and car spa. Just book your service through the app and you’ll be good to go!

Our car detailing services include car exterior and interior cleaning and beautification

T-Serv provides DIY accessories like neck rest pillows, bask seat cushions, memory foam comfort liners, memory foam back rest, and seat belt pads.

Total Car Service at Your Convenience

Our Services

  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Body and Paint Works
  • General Repairs
  • Cleaning and Car Spa
  • Car Detailing
  • General Checkup
  • Custom Services
  • Electric and Wiring
  • DIY Accessories

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