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Car Service Center

Periodic Car Service in Bangalore

Services Offered At Tserv Bangalore, we offer a wide assortment of car services to make sure that your car remains in the best condition throughout its life. With us, you can choose from
  • Basic Service in Bangalore
  • Standard Service in Bangalore
  • Comprehensive Service in Bangalore
  • Front Brake Discs Service in Bangalore
  • Front Brake Pad Service in Bangalore
  • Rear Brake Shoes Service in Bangalore
  • Rear Brake Pads Service in Bangalore
  • Disc Turning Service in Bangalore
  • Brake Drums Turning Service in Bangalore

Common Periodic Service Problems

  • Reduced Fuel Economy
This is the most common problem that occurs with most cars over time. This could be due to a dirty air filter considering the pollution levels in
  • Unusual Engine Sounds
If your car’s engine is making unusual sounds, then you need to provide immediate attention. This may be due to faulty spark plugs or again a dirty air filter. The sound could be in the form of coughing or excess vibrations. This could occur due to unusual driving conditions in Bengalore
  • Reduced Power
If you notice a sudden drop in the acceleration of your car, there is a power drop. You can test this on a vacant road anywhere across Bangalore. This drop could be due to insufficient airflow. The air passage needs to be clean to ensure maximum output from the engine.
  • Fuel Smell when starting the engine
If there is a shortage of oxygen inside your engine, the excess fuel will escape unburnt through the exhaust pipe. This one is a clear indication that your car needs an air filter replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the different car services that Tserv offers?

Tserv offers over 300+ top-rated Car Repairs and Car Services in India, from your Basic Car Service to Denting Painting, Road-Side Assistance, Detailing Services, Custom Services and much more.

2Which engine oil do you use with my car service?

When you choose Tserv,  you choose the best. Tserv uses only 100% Genuine OEM-recommended Mobil engine oil, which provides superior performance along with long term protection for your car.

3What kind of spare parts are used for my car service?

Tserv uses only 100% Genuine OEM/OES car spare parts for your car service. We bulk procure these auto parts directly from our central supplier, which is then distributed to Tserv workshops across various cities in India.

4Do you provide any warranty or assurance on your car services?

When you book your car service with Tserv, peace of mind is what we guarantee. That is why you get a network warranty of 1 month/1000kms on car services. For Denting & Painting services, we offer a warranty of 2 years whereas Tyres & Batteries are covered under manufacturer warranty.

5I am not available to drop my car at the workshop. How can Tserv help?

We believe that your car servicing should be hassle-free from start to finish. We offer Doorstep car pick-up and delivery absolutely FREE. All you have to do is sit back, sip on that Chai and relax!

    Periodic Services
    Body Repair
    Inspection and Diagnostics
    Ac Services
    Battery Care
    Windshields, Glasses And Lights
    Cleaning And Protection
    Brake, Clutch And Suspension
    Insurance Claims

    Tserv Assurance Program

    • Upto Rs. 25000 insurance protection with every service request.
    • Program protects users against damage caused during free pickup and delivery of car.
    Total Car Service at Your Convenience

    Our Services

    • Periodic Maintenance
    • Body and Paint Works
    • General Repairs
    • Cleaning and Car Spa
    • Car Detailing
    • General Checkup
    • Custom Services
    • Electric and Wiring
    • DIY Accessories

    Popular Car Brand

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    • Hyundai service center
    • Maruti service center
    • Tata service center
    • Toyota service center
    • Volkswagen service center
    • Skoda service center
    • Mahindra service center
    • Renault service center
    • Kia service center
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