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The advent of new technologies has advanced our lifestyle and vehicles as well. The features and specifications that any car provides are also made suitable to suit the ultra digital era. Then why give your car a regular car cleaning service that doesn’t guarantee the care of every car element?

T-Serv provide professional car cleaning and spa services to our clients with advanced cleaning technology to ensure that all your vehicle interiors and exteriors are cleaned thoroughly.

Get Your Car to the Best Car Wash & Spa.

T-Serv is the Best Car Cleaning Service Provider

Here’s why!
Car Service Center

Trained Toyota Technicians

T-Serv is the best car spa with many highly skilled and Toyota trained technicians who know how to scrutinize the car before cleaning it. Our car spa team has satisfied many customers till date by exhibiting their professionalism in terms of cleanliness and quality.

Advanced Car Cleaning Equipment

We at T-Serv understand that the automotive landscape is now equipped with advanced technology. To align with the modern car machinery, we connect with global automotive part suppliers and get advanced car repairing and cleaning equipment to clean cars of any model. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior car cleaning, T-Serv is the best car spa you can rely on.

Timely Deliveries

T-Serv knows how tough it is to travel without your vehicles. Worry not! With our reliable car cleaning services provided by skilled technicians, you need not miss your car for more than a day. Many customers have appreciated our punctuality equally as they do for the quality workmanship we provide in car cleaning.

Sanitized Services

The arrival of Covid- 19 made us keener in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Our car cleaning technicians at T-Serv follow all the covid protocols and wear gloves, face masks and hand sanitiser for their safety. We also ensure that the car is entirely sanitised before we hand it over to you after cleaning. Get your car to a safe and secure car spa-like T-Serv to see it healthy enough to give you the best memorable rides of your life.

Car Interior Cleaning Services

Car Exterior Cleaning Services

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Our Services

  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Body and Paint Works
  • General Repairs
  • Cleaning and Car Spa
  • Car Detailing
  • General Checkup
  • Custom Services
  • Electric and Wiring
  • DIY Accessories

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